Abundance Is Right Here In Front of Us If We Move Forward As We

When one of us thrives, we all thrive — and there is plenty to go around. But that means we must lift everyone up: Black, brown, indigenous, immigrant and refugee alike. There is no racial justice without immigrant justice. Join our effort.

Sign the Abundance Pledge

Sign the Abundance Pledge
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Sign The Abundance Pledge

I believe that abundance lives within me and in our communities. I believe in justice and liberation for Black and brown people, for Native and immigrant people, and for all people. I pledge to move into the future with abundance, care and gratitude for our communities' shared resilience and shared future.

Together we will thrive!

What is abundance?

Abundance is love. Abundance is community. Abundance is support. Abundance is what ties our pasts together, and it’s the key to racial justice. Resources are defined by their limits far too often, but we believe that there’s enough of everything, for everyone. And we also know that we can only achieve justice if we’re all thriving, not just a lucky few.

Abundance is when we recognize that there’s more than one pie to have a piece of; that the limitations on resources are imposed ones, not physical ones. So, abundance is the state we find ourselves in: where we all build for the future and care for each other—whether we’re Black or brown, an immigrant or a refugee.

Explore The Sculpture

Want to see how abundant our communities truly are when they work together? Come see the brand new exhibition we just unveiled in Houston, which centers cross-racial solidarity in the fight for racial justice and creates space for building and strengthening community. If you’re in the area, come check it out. If you’re not, you can still tour it virtually.

Meet the Artists

Different journeys, different cultures, different histories, different struggles, same community. Meet the artists who created our incredible sculpture.