Your Abundance Toolkit

Immigrant justice is racial justice.

Below, you can find downloadable graphics and copy to help build solidarity beyond migration status and citizenship.
There is no racial justice without justice for immigrants and refugees.
None of us are truly thriving if all of us don’t have the access to thrive.
We must embrace abundance and uplift EVERYONE, regardless of immigration status.

Take What You Need

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    What is Abundance

    Abundance means knowing there is enough for all of us. Abundance means creating safe futures for our communities. Abundance means Black, brown + immigrant people protecting one another. Abundance exists and is attainable for all of us! We can thrive together! Racial justice is #ImmigrantJustice.
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    Start learning about racial justice

    Without Black liberation there is no #ImmigrantJustice. Without dignity for immigrants there is no racial justice. Take the first step toward understanding the importance of our interconnectedness as Black + brown people and immigrants.
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    Official Poster

    Move Into the Future is a sculpture about abundance, Black and brown youth and our intertwined futures. Created by United We Dream in partnership with four artists who are a part of immigrant, Black and Native communities, Artistic Director Wyatt Closs, Mer Young, Alex Arzu and Tatyana Fazlalizadeh show us that in order to win racial justice, we can’t leave immigrants and refugees behind.

Explore The Sculpture

Want to see how abundant our communities truly are when they work together? Come see the brand new exhibition we just unveiled in Houston, which centers cross-racial solidarity in the fight for racial justice and creates space for building and strengthening community. If you’re in the area, come check it out. If you’re not, you can still tour it virtually.